Le Jas de Garrigue

established in 2019

As we say often, things happen for a reason. This saying couldn’t be more true than when we stumbled upon this old stone farmhouse over a year ago. We had no intention on buying the place, we were actually staying on holiday there. It was a quirky but charming old place that was comfy and had some amazing views. Then we found out that it was possibly for sale. That had us scratching our heads. There was definitely an old world charm to the place - it dates back to the 18th century and is built entirely from local pierres séches - or dry stones. It had a certain appeal to us and we decided to inquire more in depth.

Fast forward to 2019 and here we are, the new proprietors of an authentic stone farm house, located smack in the heart of Provence.
Le Jas de Garrigue - literally translated means “the sheepbarn in the shrubs”. Whilst there are no longer any sheep staying here, there is most certainly a lot of low scrub brush and bushes that grow naturally here. Hence the name.

There is work to be done - and lots of it. But we will take things gradually, step by step and improve and renovate in a typical Provençal style to bring out the best in this great old place. By staying with us you will not only experience authentic Provence lifestyle but you will in your own way add your personal touch to the refurbishment of le Jas de Garrigue.

We trust you will not only enjoy your time with us but that you will be looking forward to your next holiday spent with us.

We look forward to your stay.

Edmée & Francis